This new series is the idea and creation of Samuel (9), Aven (12) and MaCaedyn La Fon-Cox (10) and written by their mother, Angelique La Fon-Cox. One day, MaCaedyn told her mother she needed to write a series that was "More than the Huggabears, but less than the Intercessors" for kids her age. Then, based upon an idea Samuel did for a home school assignment, the children began weaving their own stories together. This series is for readers ages 10-13 and takes children on adventurous journeys through time to learn important, but not well known people and places of history while weaving in lessons of God's love and His Word, the Holy Bible. It will serve as a great transitional book for Huggabear/Pre-Intercessors readers! 

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The Intercessors Series



The Time Transporters

The Huggabears Children's Series engages toddlers with its cute, colorful photos and has stories with content to engage the attention of elementary readers. These stories teach family values, the love of Jesus and scriptures from the Bible. They also inspire children to use their imaginations and be creative!

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We are currently working to get the original musicals and songs of Angelique La Fon-Cox made available. Thank you for your patience!

Master's Messengers products are creative, engaging and inspiring works of literature and music theater designed to spread the Word of God and the powerful message of love of Jesus Christ to all ages. We are on a mission to reach all the nations and someday in many languages around the world!

The Intercessors Series is for ages 14 years and older. This is a mystery series and is a Christian alternative to the secular books available on the market. These stories promise to engage you in mystery, adventure, romance and are packed with helpful lessons about the Bible and the power of prayer. There are only three books finished out of the 7 of the series. 

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Master’s Messengers is a limited liability company that specializes in Christian multimedia products and education services. These products and services include Christian children’s books and videos, teen/young adult novels and teaching materials, children’s holiday programs/scripts and musical workshops.

Statement of Purpose

Above all, Master’s Messengers strives to honor and represent Jesus Christ in all that we do. We desire to reach the lost by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus and the love of God through various Christian multimedia products and services. We believe that God has called us to use our talents for His glory and we trust that He will be faithful in all our endeavors.

The Huggabears Series

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Songs to celebrate the family!

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Original songs by Angelique La Fon-Cox

Arrangements by Shirley Hayes

Recording by Ralph White

MASTER'S MESSENGERS was founded by the La Fon-Cox Family: Angelique, Josh, Aven, MaCaedyn and Samuel in the summer of 2015. At that time Angelique La Fon-Cox had completed three novels of
The Intercessors series and seven books of The Huggabears series. Over the years she also had written several Christian musical productions, original songs and other children's stories.

The family worked together to create The Huggabear series in creating the sets and photos for the books. They also had worked together and performed in several of the musical productions. They believed from audience reviews that both book series and the musicals were something they should offer to the world.

After spending much time in prayer together as a family, they stepped out in faith to begin a company which would serve to move these items to the public, and that company was ​MASTER'S MESSENGERS.  It is the hope and prayer of the La Fon-Cox Family that anyone who picks up one of their books or sees and hears a musical production will be drawn to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christian Literature music and performing arts