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Journey back in time with Kooshla, Saboo, Tanuuk and their cousin Koba to an ancient jungle full of dinosaurs! There the cubs learn about dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. When they come home to the Bearwood Forest, the cubs have many questions about where dinosaurs are in the Bible. Learn what Daddy Huggabear and Uncle Mo Mo teach the little cubs about God’s Word and the mysterious dinosaurs that roamed the earth so long, long ago!Type your paragraph here.


"Meet the Huggabear Family!" is the first book of the series. This story introduces the Bearwood Forest, the town of Bearford Falls and the members of the Huggabear Family. This story teaches children to give their hopes and dreams to God who loves to bless us with the desires of our hearts!Type your paragraph here.

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This new series is the idea and creation of Samuel (9), Aven (12) and MaCaedyn La Fon-Cox (10) and written by their mother, Angelique La Fon-Cox. Based upon an idea Samuel did for a home school assignment, the children began collaborating on this story and series. This series is for readers ages 10-13 and takes children on adventurous journeys through time to learn important, but not well known people and places of history while weaving in lessons of God's love and His Word, the Holy Bible. It will serve as a great transitional book for Huggabear/Pre-Intercessors readers! Watch for more books to come!

"The Family Gift" is the story which introduces the new addition to the Huggabear Family, Baby Tanuushka or Tanuuk for short. Based upon the arrival of the real Tanuuk, Samuel La Fon-Coxwho was born a couple of weeks before Christmas. This story not only tells of the birth of the baby Huggabear cub, it also teaches the most beautiful story of love, hope and joy, the story about the birth of Jesus Chirist and the true meaning of Christmas!Type your paragraph here.

"A Cold and Rainy, Wind Whirly Day", like the other stories, is based upon a real event with the La Fon-Cox Family. During a rainy day, the family stayed in and played hide and seek. While eating lunch, Saboo began asking how someone can ask Jesus into their heart. Mommy bear explained that anyone could ask Jesus into their heart anywhere at anytime. So, while sitting at their dining room table Kooshla and Saboo prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts!Type your paragraph here.

It's springtime in the Bearwood Forest and the Huggabear cubs can't wait to play in the colorful flowers of the meadow. When they get there, they meet a critter with fur of a color like they have never seen. Learn with the Huggabear cubs the lesson Mommy teaches them about God being a wonderful artist and how He created all kinds of critters in all kinds of colors and that He loves all of His creations very much! Also, meet Kooshla, Saboo and Tanuuk's new baby cousin, Tallulah-loo!Type your paragraph here.

​​The Time Transporters Series

Take your children on a fantastic journey to play and imagine with the Huggabear cubs on the moon and learn that God, Jehovah, is the Creator of the heavens and everything-- and everyone in them! He is the God of the Galaxies!This book was released in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing on July 20, 1969. It is dedicated to the USA Astronauts who walked on the moon and all those who worked so hard to get them there. It is also the 10th book in The Huggabears series and is part of the celebration of 10 years of service for The Huggabear Children's Project, Inc.

"A Tiny Bit of Heaven"
is a book about children for teens and adults. This book celebrates the miraculous gift of children and why we should cherish and protect them, always! 

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"We LOVE the U.S.A!" takes place on the 4th of July in the Bearwood Forest. While Mommy and Daddy Huggabear decorate the house they teach the children important things all Americans should know; elements of flag code, what freedom is and why everyone should honor and respect our Veterans. The cubs also learn what God's Word says about the blessings He  brings when a country humbly prays to the Lord.Type your paragraph here.

The Huggabears Children's Book Series

"Promises of the Forest Berry Fairies" takes place in the springtime when all of the forest berries are ripe and ready for picking. All of the Huggabear and La Bear Family members come together to harvest the berries, have lunch and spend time together. In this book, the Huggabear cubs learn how God keeps His promises to us and so we should learn to keep our promises tooType your paragraph here.

"Heavenly Castles" is the second book of the series and introduces one of Kooshla and Saboo's imaginary friends, Dralligar, a great big, purple headed green dragon with yellow polka dots. This story teaches children that Jesus is the King of kings and all of His children are princes and princesses! It also teaches that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us, heavenly castles in the realms of glory!Type your paragraph here.

The Intercessors Series

It is time for Thanksgiving in the Bearwood Forest and The Huggabear Family are busy are work making pies for their family and friends in Bearford Falls to enjoy! Kooshla, Saboo and Tanuuk can’t wait to eat their own pie and when they do, they discover that the best  pies in the world are Precious Pies!
Join The Huggabears to learn what Precious Pies are and share in some of their Thanksgiving Holiday fun! graph here.

"Heaven's First Christmas!"
When the proclamation is made throughout heaven that Jesus Christ, the King of kings has decided to go to earth to give His life for the sins of all mankind, the angels of heaven must prepare a song to announce his birth. As they do, they seek answers to their many questions about the Plan of Salvation and learn that there is no greater love to be found for the people of earth than that of Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Father God Jehovah. This story gives a delightful twist on the Christmas story as it is told from the perspective of heaven and promises to be one that both children and parents will enjoy reading together at Christmas!

The musical script of this book is coming soon for the holidays!

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